Girls, why dont women ever repsond to me on dating sites?

So I've never been on a date, never kissed, never held hands, never had sex. I decided to join a dating site so maybe i would die alone, but i would message over 40 women a day and i would never get any responses. I've been doing this for a month and a half. Should i just give up because im ugly and just make peace with the fact that i will probably be alone forever.


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  • If you're messaging over 40 women a day, it sounds like you're treating it as more of a numbers game rather than actually finding someone you like and wanting to get to know her.

    • The reason why i message 40 women a day is because i never get a response from any of them. i thought messaging a bunch of women i would get a response back. And they're not random. I actually read the profile and if i don't like what i see i won't message her

  • Don't copy and paste messages to girls. If you're sending that many a day, I'm assuming that's what you do, because how will you have time to write 40 individual messages.
    We can tell when it's a copy and paste or just a generic message, it's not attractive.

    • Definitely not copy and paste. I red their profile and if i find something we have in common or something interesting, Ill ask her about it

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    • @talias288 that is me after carrying another drunk girl (not pictured) back to the hotel in Poland where i did a short term study abroad back when i was in college

    • Pictures with other women make potential girlfriends feel like they have competition.

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