Online dating question, best advice to start a conversation with a girl that has an empty profile?

i've always found this really tricky! when the profile doesn't have any info to go with, or if there isn't anything in any of her pics that could be usefull, i just find it really weird to just ask the 'basic questions'. not rude, but getting the conversation started out of nothing seems impossible to me lol. its like 'cool nickname, whats your real name? do you go to school or do you work? what do you do in your free time?' feels like im interviewing her :S what are some ways to avoid this? or to deal with this better? or to make this 'initial texting phase' less awkward in general?
any tips are welcome:)


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  • Why are you trying to start a convo off of a picture alone? Look at it this way, if she doesn't have any info then she isn't too serious about actually being there to find a date. Secondly if she is attractive enough to have you torturing yourself over it you are probably in the same boat with a lot of other guys.

    • lol both of your points are correct!
      i never really thought about the first point tho, since 99% of the girls here (germany) have an empty profile. they maybe just fill out their stats, like height, weight, smoker or not, and thats it. or they'll just write a random quote from somewhere, but nothing really ABOUT her. since most profiles are like this, i always thought this was the norm.. but you left me thinking lol!

    • That's weird maybe it's your age group? The perks of online dating are that most people there are single and want some kind of relationship and it introduces you to people you may for well with and would otherwise never meet.

      I include details about my interests, personality and a Q &A. I pick photos of myself that aren't the best pictures because I don't want to go on a date with someone who only looked at my profile pictures. I'd rather have them pleasantly surprised if I do meet them.

      I'm a fan of guarding my privacy so I don't put anything too personal but how can you even plan a first date if you know nothing about that person?

      I only ever respond to messages that are in regard to something specific about the details provided. Extra points of it makes me laugh.

  • Ask them to show you a pic of themselves. As proof.

    • lol! with 'empty profile' i meant, no info about her.

    • Ask her about personal info, like if she works, etc

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