Are braces at 20 a turn-off for guys?

I'm 20 years old ( will be 21 soon) and I've had braces for a year now. Because of that I've gotten really shy and I rarely smile at strangers because I don't want them to remember me like this but at the same time my friends tell me not to be self-conscious about it. It is very nice of them and I really appreciate the fact that they just want me to be myself and have fun. However, I also know that you can't help but to form an opinion on people (whether you like it or not you still do it subconsciously) and I wonder if a guy would be turned off over the fact that I have braces at this age? lets say you meet a girl at a party and while she talks (or smile) you notice that she has braces, what do you think?


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  • Well it wouldn't bother me truth be told. Not seeing how that helps but I wouldn't think anything bad about it.

  • I wouldn't want to get a BJ from a woman with braces.


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