My boyfriend is taking me for granted : How can I get him to chase me again?

Hey guys and girls!

I'm in a long distance relationship with a really good guy. I love him more than anything, but I feel like his behavior and feelings towards me may have changed over the last month. We had a hard time and a few fights since then, but we always made up again. Nonetheless I don't feel his love like I used to. He used to (call me on my cell phone.. JOKE :D) text me sweet, long compliments, wait for me to get home when I was clubbing and he was overall so attentive and full of love. Now he really toned it down. But especially in a long distance relationship your really need to feel that love and care.. what should i do? I guess he is taking me and my affection for granted..

Thanks guys!


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  • Give him an ultimatum. To be loving & sweet or to get lost.

    Honestly, being sweet to one's girl has to come from a guy's heart. If its not volitional and sincere, what is the point? Don't bother trying to enforce a certain behavior you want on your guy, doing so will not bring your r/s true bliss but strive. Dump his stupid ass if can't be sweet to you naturally.


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  • If you gave the slightest shit about him you wouldn't want to subjugate him to the tortures of the chase.

    Have you ever been on the other end of the "chase" before. It's awful. Beyond awful. But men have to endure it otherwise we'll die all alone never experiencing love or affection. But we only endure it if we think the chase will eventually stop.


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  • Honey-moon period is over. Have you tried talking to him about the change in his behavior?


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