GAG, my brother gave me this advice on women and dating, do you think it's true and is it good advice?

He told me the easiest and most reliable way to avoid problems in relationships is to date one or two points below your own level.

Eg if you are a 5/10 man, date a 3/10 or a 4/10 woman. Since she'll know she likely can't trade up to a better man, she'll be good to you and she's far less likely to divorce you or cheat on your ass.

If you go after women at your own level, you're going to have to work your ass off to make sure she won't want to cheat, and even then, a lot of women will STILL try to move up to better men.

If the woman you're seeing is above your level, she's almost guaranteed to cheat on your ass every time. Women who can date a 7/10 won't stay with a 5/10.


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  • Why are men so paranoid that women are always trading them in like cars or something? I don't even know anyone who actually does that! The real reason women will get rid of a man is because he is too hard on her emotions for whatever reason, too high-maintenance on her nerves.

    • That might be true if you're an idealist.

    • Personally I don't "trade up." If a man is too emotionally high-maintenance, if he doesn't listen, is too inconsiderate or too needy, that's when I have to let him go. I usually take a break between relationships though. I can't be the only one!

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  • While what you're brother is saying is somewhat true. You shouldn't not date someone if you think they're out of your league. If you both have a bond, then she cheats, she was just a bitch in the first place =\


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  • That's just purely stupid. You can date whoever you like , no matter what 'score' she/he is. If this person is decent, he/she won't cheat on you even if you are 2-3/10.

    • How do you know if they are decent?

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    • You only THOUGHT that you know her. Looks like it wasn't enough.

    • I don't know how you get to know them if they lie to you in the first place.

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  • The best advice is become friends with a girl you like, and after awhile if you can tell she likes you ask her out, and that's the best dvice, it's what I follow


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