Girls, I really like this girl but I am having trouble understanding is she shy, playing hard to get or not interested I usually see her may be?

She is pretty and i am not that good looking i know when she is looking at me when i look she looks away , when i am walking towards her she just looks down i have talked to her a few times she is really nice when we talk she mantains eye contact but i had to initiate conversation every time


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  • Maybe you are more good looking than you think you are. She seems shy to me but I'm going through a similar situation so I see how it is hard to tell.

    • What should i do initiate or hold back?

    • If you like her keep initiating seriously. This one guy will talk to me some days and others he will go out of his way to avoid me like the plague. My point is don't do that no matter what people say about it "making girls like you" i really don't know how that does.

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  • Mabye she's just awkward

  • She might like you


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