What’s the worst part about dating?

I think sacrificing your schedule to spend time with her


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  • I think arguments, some couples never argue however I think arguments over petty things then realizing they were indeed petty sucks. I don't look at time spent is sacrificing, because I would want to and if I couldn't I would hope they'd understand.

    • usually they will not understand by thinking you are flaking it, even whey you are actually not flaking but really need an extremely important thing to do! sometimes the other one can be very selfish to not to understand this

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  • The worst part is investing time in someone who you think is special, someone who you are thinking about as a candidate for being The One, and then. . . they squash you like a bug, return your shit, and start fucking some asshole with a fancy sports car.


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  • If things doesn't work for one of them, and the other is still in love...


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