Why so many people buy this "alpha-beta" idea yet?

Why I see, strangely enough only here at GAG, but almost never heard this "alpha and beta" expression in real life, so much references to that bullshit?
Why so many people believe in it? Don`t you have a better worldview about the people besides that?
so many "alpha-beta" believers in GAG, yet nobody else wants to discuss this topic?


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  • Many people enjoy embracing their idiocy.


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  • yeah many people believe in that

    I don't buy into that crap. You are who you are and there are no excuses for lack of chemistry. Stop trying to whine about how girls prefer alpha men. sometimes u just aren't a good match.

    better to stop whining and actually living ur life because your girl will come one day and she will be perfect for you and you for her.

    I hate this too :D

    • oh finally somebody who has a similar worldview as mine. maybe because we have Latin origins instead of Anglo-saxon origins, we are much more warm and giving people

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    • lol


      what matters is the kind of person he is and not exactly how manly he is lol

    • yeah! i'm not exaclty the kind of manly man too but i don't think i'm bad with girls haha

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  • Anyone with a brain would probably agree attractive, intelligent, charismatic people go farther in life, in business, in dating, etc.

    But you throw in the a**** word and gag starts freaking out!! Which just fuels the fire BC it's entertaining to watch lol

    • Actually I brought on this topic not only because it's entertaining to watch but to really open some people's mind here. For example, you are assuming that having those attributes like being "attractive", "intelligent", "charismatic", etc makes people "go farther in life". But what do you mean by "going further in life"? What is "attractive" in your point of view?

      You see... that depends of everyone's point of view. What you consider as "going further in life", and I assume something related to business and dating, maybe is not what others may consider as "going further in life". Well I can discuss much more here, but I will just plant this food for thought here.

      Anyway, I appreciate your opinion here. Because it seems you are the first one here in GaG that openly came here to give your opinion about your worldview, while others who claim they are "alpha" but don't come up when they are inquired about that ideology. That's why for me, most of "alpha-beta" ideology is bullshit.

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    • Yeah, I don't know whether you are talking about the nowadays Pope Francis, the argentinian one (who is very charismatic indeed) or about the former Pope, the german one. And the pope are elected by a council of cardinals of the Church.

      In summary my position towards the "alpha-beta" worldview i think may be similar to Pope Francis's position. I don't believe and deny the world view of "dominator and dominated" rather in an advance capitalist world or in a jungle tribal world. Actually, that's more about my nature than because of the influence of the Church on my worldview. I have never sympathised with the macho protagonist of cartoons since my childhood. I have always preferred to side with the "weaklings" rather than to the "stronger" guys.

      If I ever adopt "alpha-beta" worldview, I would consider every single man as beta, including myself, but Jesus/God. After all, in the end of the day, we are just humans, whose life is frail and can vanish easily anytime by any foolish causes

    • Lol another good point. God is the true alpha, we're all betas.

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  • Because it's a kind of 'degree' any person can give to himself or to someone else.


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