I accidentally visited this girl at her work today?

i was out doing some shopping and went in this small grocery store i don't normally go in. i meet this girl at the bar in town , she was there a lot this summer and i was pretty sure she had a thing for me. i didn't know she worked there as she had been away at school but must of came back for holidays. it wouldn't really matter that i saw her there except for the fact she is friends with some others girls i know and she'll tell them i came in to see her , well i didn't get a chance to talk to her but she saw me then she disappeared for a break maybe?
but she'll tell her gf's i was there and they'll wonder why i was trying to visit her at work , she is single and pretty good looking. its complicated cause i had been trying to date one of her gf's for a while but it never seemed to materialise yet and that girl too will wonder why i did this? and if i like her too

anyways will possibly see these girls at bar soon and wondering what to say to this girl and her friends? should i mention i saw her at work?


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  • Naw don't say anything about seeing her at work.


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