How to date a girl when you're busy?

Hi everyone,

I recently started dating this girl and we are going on a first date on Friday (for lunch). I've known her for 2 months now and I want to have a relationship with her. The problem I have is that I'm busy everyday because of my workload from school and outside it too. She has a good amount of work as well but she's more free on weekends while I'm not. She also lives an hour away from me... But we go to the same school and see each other every day. We also share a spare block (where both of us don't have classes for about an hour. Sometimes the block is right before lunch so we technically have almost 3 hours of free time).

My question is, how can I have a relationship with a girl if I'm busy outside of school. I know we just started but I don't want to lose her because I'm so busy and barely available outside of school...

Any suggestions? How many times should you go out on dates?

Thank you.


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  • Time and value is the key. Spend as much time - texting, calling, getting together - but do so in a way that works for you. Even little moments of connection can still mean a lot. Value will be how much quality you put into conversation or just being together. I'd suggest asking her what means the most and makes her feel most loved - if you can focus on that, you'll be keeping a strong connection. Best wishes!!


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  • You gotta prioritize; it's easier than done, but you gotta make it work if you want to include dating


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  • Take her on dates like on weekends...

  • Find a time and a date!


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