Girls, Christmas present for my gf?

Girls, what do you like to get for Christmas? I know it depends and varies depending on what they like personally.

I was thinking getting her a gift card to her favorite clothing store? She likes pefume, has a lot of that, likes jewlry, Iv'e got her a lot of that. I wanna buy her something I haven't got her before.


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  • Why not take her out? Plan a nice romantic evening with dinner or go for an experience. Like ice skating or some adventurous activity popular in your place. It's fun and different. Provided your girlfriend is the adventurous type. Or if she's into music, tickets to a concert would be great.

    • Lol, it is hilarious you mentioned ice skating. I'ts hilarious because I recently tried to get her to go, her friend's family was going I said we should go do that sometime.

      She was not for it, nuh uh... not at all. She does not seem to like skating of any kind, she say's she's too clumsy and they're a bad mix.

      Our town really doesn't have much ''experiences'' around lol.. we have lazer tag somewhere, we'eve never done that. Ii brought up the topic of lazer tag before and she didn't seem too interested.

      I do know what I could do though. Take her out to this nice park we have to see the Christmas lights, maybe take some candles and a snack.. I don't know if we can find a place to sit though, we usually just drive through it.

      I was meaning more along the lines of gift wize, something she can hold and not just memories of a hopefully good time.

      I don't think there's any concerts around atm, there's rocklahoma this summer... but that's summer lol.

    • To be frank girls don't care about what you give, it depends on how you give it. You could try having something custom made. If you tell me more about her interests, I might be able to help you.

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