What should she do?

So my friend is a freshman in college, and she likes this guy who works in the tutor center at our university. From the beginning, he's shown signs of interest ( ex. staring, moving in closer, and only paying attention to her while he's tutoring other people). But, she still can't tell if this means anything. She's a little shy when it comes to guys and relationships (she's never been in one before), and so she ignored his advances, and looked away everytime he looked over.

So last week, our other friend stepped in to try to help. She approached him at a program we were at, and basically gave him our friend's number (but he doesn't know her name so he doesn't exactly have a face for the number). Now my friend's afraid to give him her name because then he'll know it's her.

This week my friend went to the center for help, but she's convinced herself that he's trying to avoid her because he didn't volunteer to tutor her like he usually does (but only because he was tutoring someone else). And even though that person was taking a long time, he continued to work with her. In my opinion, it's nothing personal. (She's really overthinking this) But, she thinks otherwise.

What do you guys think she should do?


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  • Im assuming he didn't text the number since he doesn't know who it is? I agree I think she is over looking and over thinking the whole thing. I think she should tell him the number is from her. She doesn't have to rush dating him or anything. They still would have to get a chance to know each other. By him tutoring her she should be trying to have some small talk with him every now and then. The only worst thing that can happen is if he wasn't interested in talking with her. Sometimes in life we have to take risk.


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