Um, I like the same guy as my friend?

OK so I've had a crush on this one guy for about a couple of months. I talk to him more and more now and we have lots of things in common such as music, movies, etc. Well, my friend recently told me that SHE likes him too! She really likes him but so do I... I don't know if they have anything in common but idk! If I do end up with him, I just think I will be guilty or something, and I haven't told her that I like him too! WTF should I do?


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  • All depends on how good and long a friendship it is.
    If you've been friends for years and she's a good friend, then it's not worth risking the friendship for a crush. But, if you do want to pursue him then talk to her and say, "i didn't know how to tell you this before, but I like him to and I didn't want to hide it from you". You don't have to compete with her. Just be respectful and remember he's just a guy that you kinda like. He's not an angel from the heavens you were destined to be with.

    Keep doing what you're doing in regard to the guy, but just be respectful with your friend and don't make him the topic around her after you've had that talk.

    If you two aren't that close, I would approach it the same way. But know you're risking the friendship. If it's not a longstanding friendship there's no way to know how she'll respond


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  • You should talk to her about it.


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