Should I tell him or keep my freak out feelings to myself?

Earlier this year I was in a relationship where I totally fell in love with this guy who supposedly loved me back, only to find out later that he virtually lied to me about every personal aspect of his life and he was sleeping with other women, too.

Needless to say this destroyed my ability to trust people and I've had to recover from a deep hurt and move on. I've recently met a really sweet guy and he knows about this situation, so I also warned him about my vulnerability and needing to take things slow. He has been texting me constantly almost to the point it was freaking me out (felt a little too fast/serious ) but now suddenly in the past day or two he has backed off. It scares me because I worry he is losing interest, when I know in reality he could be busy or I might just be paranoid. But considering what I've been through with my previous relationship, it kind of makes me prone to irritational freak outs. Part of me wants to tell him about my insecurities and ask his feelings, but I don't want to push him and scare him away. Advice? If I don't express these feelings right now, then how do I deal with feeling so freaked out?


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  • Life is too difficult to live with the baggage of REGRET... just tell him how u feel...
    if he likes u back... he will tell u and if he doesn't... he will tell u too...
    dont live with a chip of regret on ur shoulder...

    • I just know that, generally, guys get scared of girls' emotions so I don't want to open things up too soon and scare him off. Although, he does seem like the kind of guy I'd be able to open up to more than others.
      Then I also tell myself, if he's not someone I can open up to, then why be with him?

    • I just feel like I have all this baggage and I'm afraid he'll be like, yikes I don't want to deal with all that! :)

    • Take ur time... but keep flirting with him in between aswell... so that he doesn't lose interest...

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  • YES! Keep those to yourself! haha

    • Nah just relax... talk to him about!

    • Well your going to need so therapy! Or do small excersie to start trusting people! Some people are sweet!

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