I want to pursue something with this guy, but I'm embarrassed about being public. Help?

So basically, there's a guy. (oh god how cliche can you get) I'm not good with emotions, reading them, or knowing what I'm feeling, but after assesing previous supposed crushes, I've come to the conclusion that this is the first guy I've ever *actually* liked. Sometimes I'm not sure if he likes me, and sometimes I'm not sure if I like him. He's a touchy feely person even platonically, but he is moreso with me, and it's more... boyfriend-y? We text pretty regularly, but lately we haven't as much. We catch each other staring a lot. Sometimes when he hugs me or tries to hold my hand for a little bit, I get butterflies, but other times I don't. I'm confusing myself, forget about deciphering him. XD To get to the point, I get really nervous and embarassed in public. I think I want to pursue something with him, not quite sure what yet. Maybe something between what we have now and bf/gf. I want to hold his hand, and hug him longer than platonically acceptable when saying goodbye, and maybe kiss him, but I'm really self-conscious about doing it in the prescence of people we know. And that's not helped by the fact that I've never done ANYTHING before. Like, "not-even-holding-hands,-forget-about-kissing" anything. I just don't know what to do, where to go from here, how to get over/fix my embarassment, if he even likes me, if I like him, etc. Sorry I'm a mess haha.


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  • If you're embarrassed to be with him, he's not the guy you should be with. Let him be with a girl that's proud of him.

    • That makes sense once you're out of high school, but while you are there people tend to give you a whole lot of shit just because you aren't that popular.

    • Maybe I could've been clearer, or maybe I'm misunderstanding you. Either way, I'm not embarrassed because it's him specifically, I'm just in general embarrassed at the thought of having a public relationship with someone, especially since we share friends.

  • Simple solution, create a context in which you aren't uneasy about "holding hands and kissing". So somewhere that is not school. You might even do that in a secluded corner of a tea house, I dunno.


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