Is my non trusting of women a phase I am going through?

Just to be clear not all women are the same and everyone of them is different.

Now I have been through a lot regarding women. I have had a step mother who emotionally and mentally bullied me for 4 years. I moved out 2 years ago because of it. Not only that I had a girlfriend at the time who did not make things easy for me either. She would compare me to another guy, swear at me over text if she never got her way and try and humiliate me in front of my friends. Then before I ended the realtionship she ran to my mother saying that i miss understood her and that she messed up with me. When I ended the relationship she posted mean things about me on social media, and I didn't see her for months and I appologised for hurting her and she sent me a very nasty message back.(this happened end of last year beggining of this year.)

I have been on dates with other girls older women actually from the age 28-30 years old. I am 23 years old. I always have this feeling that they will take advantge of my good and soft hearted nature.

I am also a bit worried that I won't find that special girl that treats me with the same respect and maturity that i will treat her.


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  • It'll only last as long as you allow it to last. Trust needs to be earned not given away freely. So trust until they give you a reason not to trust them. People can't guarantee they'll never hurt you, or let you down. You just have to trust your own intuition and set standards for yourself. If anyone crosses them... walk away and cut all ties. People take advantage of pushovers, so be assertive and don't tolerate people trying to take advantage of you.

    Manipulators target vulnerable people. You'll attract the wrong type of woman if you don't set boundaries

  • How are we supposed to know if your non-trusting of women phase is going to last or not? Everyone's been through negative experiences regarding the opposite (or even the same gender). All it matter is how much you learn & grow from your negative experiences. Sometimes they can help you see a different perspective. But then again, it's not the same for everyone.
    "they will take advantge of my good and soft hearted nature."
    Oh damn. People who claim they are good and soft hearted have become one of my phobias.
    I usually don't buy it.

    • you make a good point. but your phobia regarding people who claim they soft hearted and you don't usually by it. you can't really make that assumption until you know them. granted you don't know me so to you I could be lying, that saying i am a really decent guy but really not. I do see your point of view. but I know who i am and i know i am that decent kind of guy.

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    • very, very good point you make. I will keep that in mind thanks for the wisdom

    • You're welcome : )

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  • NAhh most of women I've come across are useless pieces of sh*t , I'm very nice guy as well ( properly don't believe it from my previous sentence) but yeah your ex sounded like a pyscho should have just told her go fu. K herself , women know they can get guys by putting their legs open and unfortunately a lot of women are usless when it comes to making a living. My dad died two years ago and I saw how hard it was for my mum to be by herself and do things by herself she's got a new partner now and I just told her to get f'd, now I'm in a high income job (just finished uni) and doing things by myself , it's reqlly hard to meet a nice girl , most I've come across (when I was younger ) had taken advantage of my nice nature , some of them thought I was gay because I was too nice , but I really don't care anymore best way to do it is by doing what's best for yourself mate


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