Online dating is it possible to still make this a potential relationship?

I've been texting a guy i met online for about a wk. Our texting convo was good until we started talking about sex. He says he not looking to just have sex but looking for a wife. I want to believe him cause he sounds like a nice guy. He says he just wants to know how innocent i am from some of things i told him from my sexual past. I did tell him i could not do a friends with benefits and he said he wasn't looking for that. I just feel a little uncomfortable talking about sex so soon cause we haven't met and i was hoping this could be something and i dont want it to go down the wrong road. Cause i have to admit i like talking about it i just dont want it to be about sex. We are not sexting. Do you i can salvage this online relationship?


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  • Its something guys would say just to gain trust. My guess is if he has already brought the subject up then he's definitely looking for sex and just talking about marriage etc so u don't think it is just sex he is looking for. I may be wrong but I've seen many girls come on here talking about guys that finally had sex with them and saying why hasn't he called since?


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