She thought i'd decline her? Or Is she just playing games?

Soo we've met sometimes & i asked her out again to meetup & she answered "yes, blabla bla" & "i also wanted to ask if u have time". I answered & asked why she didn't ask me. She said "idk i thought you maybe wouldn't want to".. what are her intensions? I mean i've asked her out 4 times (we met 4 times)... why would she think that. Thanks.


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  • If you have asked her out 4 times and none of those have translated to an actual date, then it's time to let go. She's just playing with you, it's obvious.

  • A changing mood swing? Perhaps you did something you didn't even notice? Whatever it is, no point in trying to guess it. Better just ask her.

    • yeh it's just weird to me cause we've already been out some times & it doesn't make sense to me..^^ ill see yeh

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