Everyone? , how to tell the girl who friend Zoned me get stuffed?

Hey everyone about 3 years ago I would have given my heart to be with this girl , this morn I got a FB message saying hey how r u etc , she ended up asking me out , now here's the hard part obviously when I was friend zoned she was going out with a dump hipster drugo with no future and I told her countless times he was an idiot but did she listen no... I'd always get you're just a friend response a lot from her. Now I think she realised idiot guys like that cannot provide the lifestyle she's use to having ( a bit of a spoilt princess) and I've just landed a high income job which I will enjoy... Now I've got the bulk of what I want to say to her but can anyone add? I really want her to know her silly ways will not work and to tell her get stuffed


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  • Telling her anything rude will really just make her happy for it not working out with you. Don't be childish. Just tell her you're not interested in anything and that she had her chance. There's nothing more to say.


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  • Just say no and cut contact.


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