Is he moving in or am I imagining things?

So my boyfriend has been leaving thing at my apartment, like a pair of gloves, his skateboard, his glasses, his Bluetooth and sometimes clothes. I always text him the next morning after he's left (cause that's when I notice it) and I'm like "hey babe you know thing is here right?" And he always says "I know babe" so I'm not really sure what this mean, if it means anything at all. Just curious cause I've never dated a guy who would leave things at my place.


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  • Just bin them and he'll soon stop leaving stuff :-)

    • I don't nessasarly want him to stop. I mean if he is moving in I'd like to know

    • I was only joking. Why not ask him if he is moving in by leaving his stuff or ask if he is hinting at it. Make a joke of it and see his reaction.

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  • He is most likely staying a lot Over night under your roof and may Consider it His as well, I can tell.
    Little by little, perhaps for his own Convenience, he is 'Leaving thing at my apartment' because he can grab it when he needs it, and it is like his own Home away From.. Home.
    When he begins to leave his toothbrush, along with the Bluetooth, then it is time to have a talk with your honey, and ask him if he is planning on paying some Money... To live with you?
    Of course, you can always a say "No," if you find he is moving too Fast for two people Who... Are Dating maybe not Mating.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Haha maybe he's doing it on purpose! It's hilarious to be honest XD

    Ask him if he wanna move. Just casually, politely.. Or make a joke lol

    "Honey, your phone is here, move already! XD"

  • It does not mean he is moving in. Sounds like you want him to, if he was he would have said so. Did you even bother asking him? Don't get your hopes up, some guys do that because they come over a lot, I personally never dealt with this before

  • Sometimes it just happens, especially if they stay over a lot. Doesn't necessarily mean moving in. If you want him to move in though, just ask him.


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