It's a Man's World?

The older I get, the more established in my career I get, and the more money I make, the more women seem available to me. Additionally, it's easier and easier to get a woman to agree to a date that may resemble any step towards a more serious relationship. The quality of these women, physcially and intellectually, have been improving as well. I wanted to ask if these dynamics have proven true for other guys and girls as they transition from teenager/young adulthood to... let's call it unambiguous adulthood? Why do you think these changes in dynamics happen as we age (if you think they do)?


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  • I think those changes happen as we move further into or closer towards adulthood for a few reasons.
    For one, men and women become more mature. Playing games, being manipulative just for attention or to get one's ego strokes are seen less and less. That's partially because of the second major factor, that as you get older, both parties start to know what they want more clearly. There's less of that 'I'm not ready to settle down' or fear of commitment.

    Many will be more clear in knowing that they want a long-term partner, hence making them a lot less tolerant of people who play shenanigans. Having a goal towards they know they want to get closer will make them put more effort into looking/behaving in a better manner.

    (I do think these changes or a general turned including them does happen for many people. Doesn't apply to all, as some know they want to settle down from the get-go but it would be applicable to those who are one off those 'bachelor for life' types when younger, only to realize that it would be beneficial to have someone to offer companionship among other things to them as they age.)


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  • Women's power in the dating world is rooted in her looks and sexuality. When they are young they have the advantage. A 21 year old woman is desirable to men rnaging from 18 all the way to 40.
    So a young woman has a lot of options and only faces serious competition from other young women. A 21 year old man has to compete with other 21 year old men as well as 26 year old men who are more established and potentially more attractive since they'd have a more mature look.

    When women get older, start to lose their looks and become more desperate for commitment, they lose somw of the power they had. Men become more established in their careers (something women find attractive) and the power dynamic starts to switch towards men's favor.

    Bassically both genders have a prime where they will peak in desirability snd have the most options. Then they start to decline. A womans prime is around 22 while a man's is around 26. At 26 you have that balance of looking mature without being looking too old and at the same time you are more stable in your career, both of which make yu desirable to women from 18-26 versus when you were 21 you were mainly desirable to other 21 year old. So you appeal to a wider demographic than you used to.


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  • Yeah, ok, this stuff is all pretty obvious to any non-retarded human being.

    Including female non-retarded human beings. I mean, you make it sound like women are floating around in some cloud of blissful obliviousness, with their thumbs stuck in their ears, going "la la la la" until they are WHOA DESPERATE THIRTYSOMETHINGS.
    It's a convenient narrative, sure. But they are just weighing it and deciding it's a worthwhile trade-off.

    In EXACTLY the same way as most young, single men decide it's a worthwhile trade-off to buy expensive cars/clothes/rented apartments/drinks/etc instead of investing the money.

    Why don't they settle down younger?
    Why don't YOU save 70 percent of your income?
    La la la la.

    Also, you are so, so totally overstating the "desperation" factor.
    Assuming you're in the upper-middle or upper class... the women in your demographic WILL, by and large, get married. To men from your demographic. It is still happening, despite the IRS's best efforts to convince people not to marry each other (in the States, at least).

    There IS a serious marriage attrition problem in the lower classes, but it's fairly obvious that you are not from the lower classes. (And if you were, all your statements about upward mobility would be false anyway.)



    "Additionally, it's easier and easier to get a woman to agree to a date that may resemble any step towards a more serious relationship."

    This ^^

    You know what this REALLY means, right?

    No, it does not mean that Women Suddenly Find You Irresistible.

    It means that there are lots of women who, like sharks, can smell inexperience in the ways of women... and boy will they come after you.
    They are patient, cunning, sophisticated, two-faced, and very good at lying. They know statutes of limitations. They know lawyers, they know laws, they know alimony and child-support caps, sometimes they even know family court judges.

    And suddenly they "agree to dates". They want "relationships". HMMM GEE I WONDER WHY.

    Get a grip. A wad of cash does not make you one of the cool kids. It never will. Never ever ever. Sorry.
    Money actually CAN buy happiness, to a surprising degree. But money CANNOT buy charisma.

    No matter how big you get... Give your heart to a woman who knew you when you were still small.

    It's a wild, wild world out there, gents.

    • Good substance, yet very disrespectfully written.

    • Thank you, and, noted.
      I have never been known for my amazing diplomatic skill.

      "Respect" isn't the point here. The point is that a lot of new-money guys really, genuinely, truly think they have all these good potential wives out there, just waiting for them, when it's actually a minefield.

      Believe me, I'm friends with a few tech IPO millionaires who are CLUE-LESS, enough that "respectful" talk would've just met a wall of misunderstanding. It was the tough-love approach or nothing.

      So, yes, I am a bit short when I write on this topic. I have 4 brothers, of which 3 are my little brothers. I'm a bit protective of guys in general. I get snippy.

      Don't shoot the messenger pls thanks.

  • the older I get the harder it is to find a guy to value me


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  • That you have to put forth an effort to prove your worth economically is evidence that it's a woman's world and always has been.

    Honestly don't know what it is they think they have to complain about.

  • Actually, it's been the opposite for me. When I was a teenager, I could at least occasionally get a date, now it seems completely impossible. I guess some people just don't age as well as others...

    • I've noticed this for some people, as well. It's either one or the other: it was great and it tanks or it was mediocre and now it's awesome. Strange.

    • Nah, it was never "great" for me. Mediocre describes teenage-me pretty good and it just got worse from there. Now I'm 26 and people say I look like I'm 40.

  • And it would be nothing without a woman or a girl I love this song 😛

  • I think I'll only be able to answer it when I get older...

  • meta made it

  • What @Bandit74 said. Essentially, in the early to mid 20s it's a woman's world. Once a man reach's his late 20s and beyond, if he has a decent career going, the world is his oyster. Single women that age are becoming desperate to find a mate and for single guys, it is definitely a sellers' market.


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