What should I study?

i am 23 and my dreams of becoming a model isn't working out... seriously i have one competition left but i need to find something to be passionate about. I was thinking about doing a bussines study so that i can once manage a fashion company (i love designing, but i dont want to be a pattern maker) i want to own my company either, in jewelry, fashion, cosmectics, i want to found my passion. People dont take me seriously because of how i look. How can i find my passion? Im currently studying officemanagement... but all it takes you to... is becoming an officemanager its hard to grow from that position... the benefit of the course is that it only takes me 2 years.


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  • Be a stripper, you'll be paid for taking your clothes off just like if you were a model.


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  • Its difficult trying to stay passionate about your interests and earn a living.

    Maybe you should do a fashion blogg, people seem to manage to get a lot of attention through blogs nowadays, my friend has one and she has gotten some sponsors and freebies from some big companies. It might be a way to keep your passion alive and yourself involved while still studying to be able to pay the bills.


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