He bought my daughter Christmas gifts and said they are from "us". Wanted all gifts to be from "us", only been dating three months?

He never discussed this and I had purchased her an expensive gift. I said, oh, did you plan on me saying they were from us on mine as well. He got quiet, I said, you never told me this and she knows I bought this gift for her. I said, you should of told me of your plan. He said, he felt they should be from us, incase we break up she will have the gifts. I said, really? He said, yeah, you know they're is always a chance of us breaking up. I said, okay, well I am not comfortable with this. I purchased a high end gift, we are not marrried or even engaged. I said, you want to say all the gifts are from us, but you never expressed this until I am wrapping gifts. I said, you want everything to be us? I am concerned, because I am worth more than you, and I already told you that I would want a prenup. I will share things with you but I am concerned as you have been married three times. I now know why he has been married three times, it's communication. I see him communicating the way John Gottman's four horseman, and quite frankly, he is a great guy, but after my own divorce from a high conflict person, I want to take things slowly. He makes good money but owns and is worth nothing, he is renting from his friend. I am concerned about him just thinking what I came into the relationship with is his as well. I told him this, I said, what, all of what I have worked hard for is now yours? I was very upfront that I would share things with him, but anything we came into the relationshiop with was that persons and anything we develope during our relationship would be ours. I think that is more than fair, now that we are older and I am more established. What do you guys think, I think it is strange that he bought gifts from "us" because we are a couple but we have been only dating three months. His reasoning was strange and I am now taken aback by him. He got upset when I said I was worth more financially, I understand that is hurtful, but he is pushing me too fast, what do you thi
Thank you. He met her because I asked him to open garage for me, he waited in the driveway. I have only dated two men in three years. I was taken a back that he did that as well. My daughter saw him and she is not your normal ten year old (136 IQ). So, I was backed into a corner. I am getting mad just thinking about all of it. He knew this because I told him how she is. So, that's how it started, I wanted to wait, he purposely stayed in my driveway. Getting annoyed about this whole thing.


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  • While you seem to be worried that he is a gold digger and it's all but stated as such , he has indeed shown his over expectations here. He wants to be an equal and that is obviously not the case and more than likely will never be the case. He should just have the gifts marked from him and be done with it.


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  • Hmm. My current boyfriend met my daughter only after 6 months, and he's seen her exactly twice in 11 months. I think 3 months is a little too soon for a move like this. If he wanted to buy her a small gift from himself, that would be much more appropriate.


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