Should I give this to him as a gift?

Should i give him his gift today with a sticky note over gift saying "Do not open until Christmas. Fragile" lol (week before Christmas) or Christmas eve? I dont know how i should wrap it or if i should add a poem on the back or the meaning behind the portrait lol. I drew a portrait of my boyfriend. I added some watercolor paint to it too.

I decided I wanted to give it to him as a gift for Christmas. I showed two of my friends and they said it looked amazing and I asked if it looked like him or I need more work and they said it looks like him. I don't know if he will like it. Should I give it to him or no? Creepy?


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  • He'll love it no worries and anyway u give it to him doesn't matter but maybe a week before so he has more time to wonder lol

    • Haha okay, thanks. Should I write a poem, how I feel about him or meaning behind portrait on the back or something? Or would that ruin it? Lol

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    • --".. I can't help but not think about you and your handsome, chiseled grin. That grin that could legit make my heart melt, flowers bloom and the sun to rise. When you smile, I smile. The way your body feels against mine, holding me, making me feel somewhat secure and cozy. Your awesome taste in music. Your laugh. Little things. This portrait is what usually pops in my head when I think of you. Badass, calm yet troubled in a way. You're one bad ass mothafucka!" Yay or nay? Edit?

    • Just remove the "somewhat" in secure and cozy I think. And personally I wouldn't go with that ending lol but obviously u know better what he likes than I do. Other than that I think it's great!

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  • You should definitely give it to him.


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