Why was my guy friend telling me he wants to date someone?

Specifically me? Does he like me... Did he like me? He told me he never has any luck what so ever. I feel like I kinda of broke his heart with saying dating isn't for me. I kept saying you'll find the right one. But he kept saying it. Was he trying to hint he wanted me? I done fucked up. I feel terrible I feel like he did have special feelings for me. Just by how much a attention he'd give me. He started dating someone else last week and it's killing me. I never felt like he had a thing for me until he started saying I want to date someone. I really started to like him again the feelings all come back again. It's not that I didn't want him I was afraid to tell him how I felt. I guess he felt the same way and I feel even if he is with this girl he still does like me.


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  • "He started dating someone else last week and it's killing me."

    Yet another case of a person wanting something only when they can't have it anymore. Look, at this point you have to let it go. He indeed was giving you hints all of the time and you ignored them and only when he's not free anymore, you suddenly want him. Unfortunately, you're gonna have to move on since he has done so himself.

    • I didn't ignore them. I just never said what I really meant. I didn't know how to tell him. I'm not good with my emotions at times. Specially with him. I always wanted him but I wasn't ever sure he wanted me that way. I didn't want to mess up the friendship. Then I'd loose him forever. At times he would send mixed signals also so I didn't know what the fuck he really wanted. Until my friend said something. By then it was to late. I figured it was anyways. Well shit he obviously hasn't because he still messages me all the time.

    • And at this point I'd suggest not getting involved with him. If he has another while STILL messaging you, that's borderline cheating. No guarantee he won't come for you only to then message someone else.

    • I guess where ever you come from. It's consider cheating if you're a male with friends that are females while dating. He's not borderline cheating if he's not even hooking up with me or doing anything along that line. He can still have FEMALE friends and still have a girlfriend. Doesn't mean anything. last time I checked sending each other pictures of our cats to each other isn't considered cheating. I'm not going to just blow him off because he's seeing someone. You can still very much talk to him as a friend. You don't even know the whole story. Of course I'm not going to get involved with him when he's with someone else that would be CHEATING! We're to old for that high school shit. Plus he never would do that to his girlfriend. He's not that type of guy that would want to hurt anyone.

  • Yes he does. Snooze you loose every time


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