Going Out as Friends?

My long-distance ex broke up with me a few months ago. I still have a huge crush on her and she knows it; she wanted to break up because of the distance but wanted to stay friends until we could live closer to each other and then maybe date again. I agreed to it being optimistic and because texting her would be no different from before (Save for any love-related conversations).

She recently told me a friend of hers asked her out to the park. I asked her a couple days later how it went and she said it was really fun. When I asked her how she felt about him and all that, she said she's not really interested in anyone (I'm one of her two crushes, the other forgotten years ago, and only boyfriend so far) and that she's not a very romantic person (That's true. She wasn't very showing of affection). Plus, she says she doesn't really fall in love until she knows them very well (Me and her other crush were her best friends at each time), and this was more of a get-together to her, although she's not sure what the intention of her friend was. Anyway, it doesn't seem to have been too romantic from what she's told me (Unless she can't take a hint).

I mostly trust her, as I know her well. But what about the other guy? Is it possible he just wanted to meet as friends or do you, like me, believe he had other intentions?


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  • There's nothing in this to say it was anything more tbh. But either way, you'll think that because of how you feel about her. It is possible he just wanted to meet as friends still.

    • Yeah, I thought so. I have a very jealous personality (Thank god she's very tolerant of it. She's known this for a long time). It's just that I don't really know this guy and since she's never been around much guys (She even goes to an all-girls school), this is all too new to me.

    • If she's a decent girl, she will handle the situation well if the guy does have any other intentions. You don't need to worry I think.

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