How do you deal with being the Clingy one?

So, I'm curious how people deal with being the 'clingy' one in the relationship. In the relationship I'm in, I'm grateful that we are very open and talk about things, even if they may be uncomfortable, however, I feel that all I want to do is spend time with her, but also want to give her the space she needs to do her own thing. It's just whenever I try and do my own thing, like I used to before ever meeting her, I just find it boring now


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  • You could tell her you feel like you're the clingy one and ask her to let you know whenever she feels like you're being too clingy. That way you can start becoming more aware of what kind of behaviour is and isn't considered too clingy.

    • Yeah, it's a little difficult. I don't think any of it is her fault at all, I just think she doesn't share the same emotions I do. We are in an open relationship (her idea) and she isn't interested in any other guys, but just gets uncomfortable when she realizes that I like long lasting closed relationships. I told her that I'm fine, and understand it can go whichever direction, and understand her not wanting to 'settle down' but I just feel a little hurt when I know I love her, but she is very much against the idea of 'love'

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