Constantly thinking of this guy and have no idea 'why'?

There is this guy that I have seen in passing for a while but really never noticed him. Anyway, we had a small intereaction a while back and now I cannot get him out of my thoughts. He's normally not my type, but he constantly in my head. Is it because he's thinking of me? Is he throwing out energy and I'm picking it up? It's just the strangest thing; I'm becoming obessive with the thoughts too. I know he thinks I'm attractive because I always see him checking me out. I was never attracted to him and now I can't stop thinking about him. Ahhhh I'm going crazy!!


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  • Does this happen frequently with other people (men) aswell?
    Are you used to meet people who are interested in you?

    If not, it could just be a new experience and you brain just keeps on thinking about it like a kid thinks about his new Christmas present (Not that it's a bad thing)

    Aparently the way you perceive him has somehow changed, even if you're note attracted to him, he somehow messes with your head. Now, I don't believe in those energy transferences that you talk about, but you seem to have some apreciaton for him, no?


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