I got myself into kind of a complicated situation with an older man? Advice or wisdom?

So I turn 18 next month and I've been talking to this older man. he's a Partial owner of a very successful resteraunt in the west and I live about 1000 miles away from him. I know him because he was my first boss when I was 16 and he kinda mentored me through a bunch of different shit like my dad abandoning me, my eating disorder, etc. this guy kinda understands me knows me enough and just gets me and my personality. I love and adore him dearly. Seriously no one is as sweet to me as he is and he's just a very loyal friend. I'm going to call our situation complicated because I've had feelings for him since I first saw him and lust or not I've had those same feelings even after moving away from him. We've kept in touch because he gave me his number when I moved for college and I've texted him pretty regularly. We admitted we have a thing a while back and we've just kept our relationship on a friendship level because of the distance. The other day we had a pretty serious talk on the phone about where our relationship was headed and he basically said that he wasn't ever going to take me away from my education or my family but if he could I'd be his trophy girl and I'd be the girl he'd fall in love with in Paris and travel the world with. And than he said that nothing would make him prouder than for him to call me his girl and I'm his muse and his sweetheart. He said that he's thought us over and there isn't any way we can be together right now but in the future there could be a possibility after I finish college. I was upset because I wanted more and he just said that when I do come to visit next year he'll appreciate every moment but it's too complicated with the distance and how I can't leave the state too often because of school and him because of how much he works. Anyways I feel like this guy is genuine with me. He's been nothing but sweet and supportive in our relationship and he even went as far as saying he'd never abandon me and the only way we'd never see
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Each other is if I went and cut him out of my life which I'd never do because to be honest I can't really imagine my life without him in it in some way.
He's 16 years older than me


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  • I think it's good he wants to wait until you graduate college. I think you are just going to have to try and be patient with him and see what happens. I think the distance part is tough. And that is good that your going to see him.


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  • He wanted you to be his 'trophy girl'? yeah lol this guy is up to no good, gl

    • lol like what do you mean up to no good?

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  • U live 1000 miles away? Why do u think he's serious?

    • he has just said certain things to make me believe that he was serious.

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