So I liked this girl but she's got a lot going on in her life, and she's unwell so she told me she's not interested in a relationship right now?

she's suffering with anxiety, panic attacks depression issues, she was badly abused by her ex, then she tried get in another relationship a year later and it set her back, she's in therapy at the moment and out of work too, i tried to get her to come round but she's told me to go and find a healthier girl, cause she's not well, and she needs to focus on her own life. she had a brief friends with benefits earlier this year and he ditched her tho, got a girlfriend now. what do you guys think i should do bout this?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yh I agree with the guy tbh, at the end of the day she seems like she's been through alot! and got a lot going on, that is stressing her out, definitely let this one go and let her focus on her recovery it is for the best really.

  • She must like you im simalarily afflicted and i would never drag anyone into this especially some one i like


What Guys Said 1

  • the girl has been through enough dont you think? you said she's not well and in therapy, i can imagine she's more depressed and anxious then she makes out, if i was you i would just be her friend and let this one go, she obviously isn't bothered by relationship, come on in past few years or so she's been hurt by so many guys , and then badly abused by one, why would she want a serious relationship after that? im not surprised it didn't work out with her an recent ex, let the girl focus on her recovery she clearly is in no fit state for a relationship and your not a good friend to pressure her


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