Guys, question about how you treat an ex?

my ex and father to my unborn child, will text me about personal stuff in his life, he is casually dating someone already, I just dont know how to handle it, I ignore him then he gets mad. Its awkward cause you dont want to remain estranged knowing you'll be in each others life for alog time, but you also dont wanna keep your heart on the line hoping he's coming around. He'll say things like I dont know whats gonna happen and I knw the circumstances aren't ideal. you're gonna be a great mom. etc


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What Guys Said 2

  • First of all we don't know what led to your breakup.
    But I'm assuming that maybe he was at fault.
    Anyways if that's true then I'd suggest you to cut off all the ties with him since he won't be a good father to your child.
    Yeah you may get along well in future but you'll find it interfering that he was casually dating someone while you were raising your child alone and what happens if your child would find out the truth about him when he'll get matured?
    Do you think he'd respect him in the future?

    Anyways , make yourself clear to him that you don't want to be in contact with him anymore since the bridge has been already burned down.
    I know it's hard to do but it's better than feeling sad while he's dating someone else.
    Good luck and take care :)


What Girls Said 1

  • So how do you want to treat him exactly? Are you willing to stay friends with him or do you want to keep him around as an acquaintance? As for me, I'd cut all ties with him.


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