Girls, I hate my race and family?

I hate Indian parents and how they always are in contact with you, while my White/Asian friends cut off all contact with parents. They have made me a beta, and as a result, never had a girlfriend and am the only one of my college roommates to never have hooked up or dated any girls in my 18 and 1/2 years alive.

Being Indian is also a turnoff to many girls. Some even ignored me on the spot. Not only do White girls hate Indians, but also Asians. I have many female friends (had almost none prior to college) but no romantic success. No girl even goes for Indian guys on okCupid and Tinder. My roommate (an Italian) sleeps with many girls per week. Hell, even the fucking ISIS hates us. Indian men sure leave bad reputations everywhere, in US, UK, even Japan.

I have also never had many friends until now due to being sheltered. This led to low grades throughout high school and I failed a college class.

My parents also don't let me go out at night and expect me to come home every weekend. They also strictly emphasise academics over socialising or dating or even exercising. I hope to study abroad in Japan and don't know if I can. They even got me kicked out of my fraternity.

as a result from overbearing parents, I am a slightly social, not too good looking, guy with female friends and no girlfriend or hookups. And college is the easiest time to meet women.

I have low grades, and am muscleless and fat (160 lbs)

I hate my parents and Indian culture. Should I just pass off as a Latino? They do better.


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  • Stop being so angry for a start. That'll help you.


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