Guys, if you were the first to initiate a conversation on a dating site, why would you stop replying mid conversation?

Let it be known that the guy that messaged me said he has had terrible luck with the girls on the site so far. Yet, mid conversation when I asked him what was his name... he stopped replying. Yet, the green light is still on, on his okcupid profile.


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  • Easy. They got bored or someone hotter is talking to them.


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  • Maybe you're boring?
    I mean, I've started many conversations with many girls, and I stopped replying mid conversation when I realized how boring they are. If they can't hold a conversation, I'm out.
    Then there are many girls who never ask anything about you, which shows lack of interest, so why would I keep talking to her when she doesn't show signs of wanting to know me?

    If that's not it, maybe he just got into a better conversation with another girl, or simply lost interest for you.

    • So not asking asking questions about him is a bad thing from the beginning?

      I dont get it, because his first message was boring and i still replied, and I know I'm pretty and can do better than him. How can I bore him?

    • "I know I'm pretty and can do better than him" There you go, that's why he stopped talking to you. You can tell when a girl thinks she's above you, what dumbass is gonna waste his time with someone like this? No one.

    • But appearance was never mentioned. This was our conversation in a nutshell;

      Day later
      Me: Hi :)
      Four hours later
      Him:how are you? :)
      3 hours later
      Me: Told him about my day, and asked him about his
      1 hour later
      Him: Told me about his day and asked about a specific thing I did.
      30 min later
      Me: Explained to him, and suggested ab activity of him to do
      30 min later
      Him: Said he'd give it a try (my suggestion) asked my name
      1 hour later
      Me: "so true, adeline".
      5 min later
      Him: "It's nice to informally meet you Adeline :)"
      Me: It's nice to meet you too, what's your name?"

      He hasn't replied.

  • Well depending on elapsed time, something might have just come up.
    The point where you start revealing personal information is also an out for some people as that is when it starts feeling, well, personal. Concept of risk etc pops into play.

    If he thinks you're better than the other girls he has talked to so far, give him a poke. I bet he still wants to poke you. No need to worry.

    • Well I know I'm better in terms of looks, i know I'm attractive and know for a fact the girls on okcupid are average to below average (my brother has an okcupid, and the girls that show are not very attractive). I don't understand why he'd stop replying, even after he's confessed of his bad luck on that site.

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    • That you should give it a day before you worry at all. Also conversation seems a bit bland. When he does get back, show him some of that special Adeline personality. Good luck.

    • Lol thank you :).

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