Physical attraction vs mental attraction?

Me and this girl are getting close I've known her for a long time since the 8th grade we are grown now and she's always been my crush I've always been attracted to her physical looks and thought she was just beautiful but after high school we didn't talk to each other and we kinda just reconnected mind you she's been my crush since the 8th grade so ik lust has a lot to do with this but we chilled 3 times so far since we've been talking again and she's showing me the right signs like she likes me but I'm really just got attracted to her mind wayyyy more than her body and looks like it's weird I've loved someone before but I think that was lust because we were still in high school but like with this girl it's kinda scary I think I love her and it all has to do with home much I'm attracted to her mind, the way she thinks, kindness, down to earth person she is and like I'm not moving fast or anything and rushing but I think I might love her and it's scary like I hope I do but I don't wanna rush the shit because everything has been natural between us but my feelings for her is past a crush now that's why I'm not sure if it's lust or love any thoughts?


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  • With raging hormones who knows? Give it some time. If you can't do that, then it's lust.


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