Guys, Guy isn't talking to because he is afraid or something?

This guy I've never met but I am extremely attracted to, is giving me the run around. We got into because I thought he was lying to me and wasting my time. and now I want to see if he's really wanting help but doesn't know how to show it. I even sent him a video or two on kik telling him he is worth living for. One video shows the white cane I just purchased because I have night blindness and it's for use in my home. I would say more but I don't know if he views this site! Help!


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  • I think he is afraid... u should try talking to him more... that will be really helpful for him.
    please answer mine...

    • I need a better answer than he is afraid. It's like he's doing all this for attention. It's hard to explain on here.

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    • look there can be another woman in the picture aswell... answer mine

    • Believe me- I don't think it is. I think he likes the attention. He's only 21 and he does this to a lot of girls. I think he needs to find someone and stop leading women on.

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