Guys, why does he keep talking to me?

At the beginning of this year I met a guy. We immediately hit it off, we just clicked. From the first night with him I felt nervous and excited but entirely comfortable at the same time. I'd never been so open with a person before.

Insert complication: he was in the navy and stationed in another state. Originally he was supposed to be in town for a few months which we agreed would be enough time to see where things went, but soon after new orders came in and he had to leave at the end of the month.

I was ready to end things there, knowing I'd only fall harder for him in that time and that would make his leaving impossible for me. But he said he didn't want to stop seeing me and after a tough talk and some time to think I decided to keep seeing him. We met each others friends and by the end of the month we were both feeling tHingis.

When he left he wanted to stop speaking to me, but after a few days he caved and we texted and snapped eachother constantly for a couple of months. But then we had a small slightly drunken fight about me visiting him and a few days of silence later he came back and said he'd started seeing someone. I said ok and stopped talking to him to give him the space I thought he was asking for.

Fast forward and we'd still talk here and there. He had a girlfriend but said he wanted to be friends, he liked talking to me and didn't have many friends in his new home yet. I agree to try it out but later find out he's proposed to the girl he dated before me.

So we get into a fight and he actually calls me, so I of course yell at him. We fight for a couple hrs til I calm down and we just talk. He tells me about what bothers him about his fiancé. We still text, facetime, and call since then because he's my favorite drug and I don't know how to give him up. But I think I need to try, so first I need some clarity.

What do you think: does he only talk to me bc I respond and he likes the atten
Attention or does he maybe still have feelings for me?*


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  • He probably connects with you better than he does with his fiance, because if that wasn't true, wouldn't he just talk to her instead?

    • Maybe. She's in the navy too but she's stationed on the other side of the country. He said they don't talk as much as they used to so i'm starting to think he's using me to fill the space left by her.

    • It could be. But I'd rather date a girl who I have a good connection with over someone I barely talk to any day, let alone get married to her.

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