He never texted me back? what did I do wrong?

so i was talking to this guy from some dating website. yesterday out of the blue, he texted me asking me if i wanted to hang out at his house. so he picked me up from my apartment and drove me there. we got a long really well, we had so many common interests and we were laughing and flirting. we kissed, but nothing more. he was really sweet and he said that he could pick me up after i got off from work tomorrow and that he wanted to see me. he drove me back home and on the way there. he kept saying that he really wanted to see me again and that i was beautiful and everything. he invited me to this event later in the year that him and his friends were going to. we were even holding hands in the car when he was driving me home, and he said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. then when i got home, he kissed me again.

today at around 6, i texted him saying "just let me know if you're still picking me up after work" so that i knew wether i needed to take the bus or not. he knew that i got off work at 9pm. it's 9:35 and he still hasn't texted me back or said anything at all today. now i feel stupid for texting him and i feel like i came off clingy and weird, those weren't my intentions. did i do something wrong that made him disappear? everything seemed perfect yesterday. what did i do wrong?


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  • I'm sorry. He's just not that into you.

    • did he loose interested because of what i texted him today?

    • Come on... No. Its just the vibe. Sometimes, it just happens. But if he was genuine about. You'll probably hear from him soon enough. Don't torture yourself with the does he? Does he not? Questions. What's going to happen is bound to happen.

  • I don't think you did anything wrong


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