Looking for answers about keeping feelings alive long distance... but not in a relationship?

I met this guy and we hit it off... really well. Both of us have been single for 1.5 years or so and its rare for us to find someone we really connect with. And we did it was amazing. The problem is that he's in the military and is leaving for 6 months (and won't know where he is after that) So he pulled back. Completely. Said he reality set in to the fact he was leaving and he wants to make time for his friends and family. Which is fair... i mean I'm new in his life and the chances of us meeting again after this are low. He did admit he still has feelings for me (although as he has pulled back they aren't as strong as they were). And we still talk all the time. Our conversations are still really open and funny. We want to remain friends because we got a long so well. But there is the possibility that after the 6 months we will be back in the same city for at least a few years. I am wondering if there is a way to keep communication open or... rekindle? the feelings we had for each other while he is gone. So that if we are back in the same city we could possibly try dating again.
A way for me to still be a potential girlfriend in the future.

*I am totally okay with just being friends as well with no hard feelings but I would love the chance to explore the possibility of more with him.*
Sorry... he isn't being deployed yet... just moving across the country to a new base for new training. So he will still be in country :)


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  • As a Navy vet write him often. Mail is a big deal when deployed and don't forget the perfume on the letters


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