What's your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend and the best date you can think of?

For me, my ideal mate would have to be a tsundere of sorts. Super competitive and pushy at times but also a complete sweetheart and hopless romantic at others. She'd have to be a gamer, any kind would do, as well as be intelligent. doesn't matter if it's in general or just a specific area. I just want a girl that can outsmart me sometimes. And I guess she has to be able to appreciate the art of doing absolutely nothing. To just sit back and relax, have a good hot drink and a book. Physically? Um... not fat, and not super skinny. Healthy weight. No offense to those who are but this is an ideal. Um... I guess shorter than me and small (but still existing) breasts because small boobies are cute. Um... I guess an expressive voice? I dont know how to describe it. Oh, definitely smooth, soft hair. I dont care what color, length, or whatever, I just want to be able to pet her head.
The perfect date? An inside day of gaming, reading, and just hanging out. Nothing too fancy (well maybe a nice fancy restaurant for dinner). Just her, me, and doing whatever.
How about you guys? Try and be as specific as you can!


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  • Selena Gomez and movies and cuddle with me and her☺️💕

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