How many times have you asked someone out and been rejected. I've asked 16 times and been rejected 16 times?

I've been asked out by a fair amount of guys, just sucks only guys i didn't ask were interested.

ohh.. i see. sorry i meant how many people have you asked out. not how many times have you asked the same person;)


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  • Once. And wow! 10 points for persistence

    • thanks for answering, and thanks for the points:)

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    • yeah its annoying. but in guessing in most cases if you keep asking at some point it will coincide with someone who might've asked you but you beat them to it.

      i think mostly someone saying yes is a just a person you got to before the got to you. i dont really believe in luck ;)

    • I hope you're right 😀

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  • I never asked anyone out, but I've rejected people before. I don't know the exact number though.

    • thank you, but i was interested in the ratio between asking and getting rejected. not rejecting:)

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  • Asked out? 5, all of them said yes.
    I've been rejected when approaching or showing interest, but I've never been rejected when asking out.

  • Not sure... haven't really counted. Well over a dozen at least.

  • never asked a girl out, so I've never been rejected


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