Girl I was seeing in the summer comes home from university tomorrow but has not messaged me. Should I message her?

I was seeing a girl in the summer, and we liked eachother and we've fooled around and we love eachothers personality and company. She's been away at University many hours away for the past 5 months and she gets home tomorrow for Christmas break. I know she gets back tomorrow through friends. I'm not even 100% sure if she's seeing anyone at her University.

We've talked a little while she was away, but not so much lately.
She comes home tomorrow, but she has not messaged me about meeting up or anything, or to tell me she's coming home. Should I message her sometime when she's home and see if she wants to meet up again? Do you think she even likes me still?

What should I do? Any tips or options of what I should do would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Wait until she gets back, give her a day or two if she hasn't contact you try to see her but make it casual like bumping at the mall or the pharmacy, depending on her reaction you will know what to do. She might be very busy at home with family for the first 2 days at first, but if she is dating some one at college you will find out once you "accidentally" meet her.


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