I am feeling weirdly uneasy about him going out with the boys?

We aren't in a relationship but we are not seeing other people.
I am fine with this however he is going out with the boys tomorrow night in the city & I am nervous.
He can get really flirty when drunk, which I have loved when it's directed at me but even though he goes out often for some reason I am feeling weirdly uneasy about this one...
I am not usually like this about him going out & I don't want to be that person! Haha


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What Guys Said 2

  • Seems you're ready for something more serious with the guy ;)

    • Nah not the right time for us in life, maybe in the future

    • so why get nervous then, if not for the possibility that he might end hooking up with some chic?

  • Your a control freak

    • I clearly said I don't want to be that person & it is a one off. So no & you are rude

What Girls Said 1

  • Send him a cheeky snap of what he's missing when not with you... make him think of you all night :)


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