This girl and her sister are both really attractive. What should I do?

I'm a junior in high school, and there are two really attractive girls and I'm pretty sure they both like me (through flirting and such), but the only problem is that they're sisters. One's a senior, and the other one is a freshman. They both are really nice and pretty funny too, but I'm pretty into both of them. We don't talk all that often, but when we do they always end up blushing or laughing or something. Anyway, I'm pretty sure a 3-way is out of the question (sorry just a joke), but I seriously don't know what to do, because I'm pretty sure if I date either of them it might mess up their relationship or something.


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  • I don't think it would be wise to contemplate on dating both of them.


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  • A three way is never a joke :D
    Go for it !!!


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