I spoke to the woman im keen on, however?

So i finally spoke to the woman at work I'm keen on last Friday at her Christmas party, we had a good 5 mins conversation she seemed very friendly and was sincerely nice. She was in a tipsy state so i let her go off have a good time with her friends, i didn't want to be a drainer.
She is soo beautiful!!

Monday comes and here I am thinking she'll either snob, not acknowledge me or remember me. Speaking of the devil i walk past her at work she SMILES AT ME!
we stop and have another 5 min chat about last Friday.
While she was talking she looks away horizontally for a second - is this a sign she is interested and was shy to keep eye contact?

Anyway i sent her a fb friendship request that night and she accepts within 5 min.
The following night (Tues) we fb message for a good 3-4 hrs, but not every minute of the whole time..

I haven't spoken to her since Tues and it's now Fri and she hasn't attempted to get in touch with me either..

I'm thinking i will message her Sunday evening (this should be a reasonable time frame from since we last spoke - Tues) asking how the weekend was and if she's keen on coffee/lunch during work on Monday.

Do you think she's keen?
Any helpful advice?


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  • Yeah, just do it✔
    Why not😂😂You got this😪💯Bruhh✊


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