My first love, why won't he leave his girlfriend and be with me?

My ex, the love of my life.. We were together from the age of 12 right up till we were 17. He was my world, I was his. We broke up due to college etc. He lives 30 seconds away from me so we see each other every now and then and have remained extremely close. I love him, always have. Always will and after nearly 10 years I still want him back. He has a girlfriend who he has been with for a little while but during a short breakup of theirs.. We gave things a go... And it was just like old times.. Then he went back to her... We meet up frequently and usually end up sleeping together with him telling me things like how perfect I am and that I mean a great deal to him... Obviously not though or he would be with me. I am madly in love with him. He knows this and I just don't know what to do about it all.


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  • He meets up with you for sex while he is still dating this other girl?

  • There are some get back your ex plans and steps you could take. I wouldn't worry so much on what he says, such as you're perfect... he SAYS you're perfect, but his actions show otherwise, yes?

    But really, this is something and I know this isn't what you'll want to hear or do, trust me, I was you and hated when people adviced me with this... moving on!! OMG, BUT I WANT HIM BACK, NOT TO FORGET HIM!! Hold on, here's the thing... the cycle you're in will only continue up until the point he doesn't come back to you temporarily as you wait for him to break up here and there.

    Moving on, doesn't have to be immediate. It will come when it does. I will say since ou guys appear to not be mortal enemies, try talking to him. Ask him why is it the relationship failed between you and him. If he gives you answer you have your start, work on fixing that... take 1 to 2 months. Try once more and then let life guide you elsewhere forever if it still does not work out.

    I'm rooting for you, good luck :)


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  • He obviously values her more than you. It would be best for you to move on.


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