Confused... Any advice?

During my finals i got into a relationship. we both like each other and we want 2 be together, but next year I am leaving 2 go study and the thing is that she is aleady finished studying and works. We both came up with 2 options, either separate for now and see what next year is like individualy or take it slow and see how it works... I do not know what 2 do because she is really amazing and i know i will regret it in the future if i let her go. Any advice?


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  • You clearly like her a lot I just don't see why there is a choice...

    Obviously long distance is gonna be hard but it's not gonna be long distance forever

    Elliott Hulse (A Youtuber) did this for a few years with his wife and they're 1 of the best couples ever

    Remember a relationship is balanced between good times and hard times

    through thick and thin

    Don't give up just because of an obstacle


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