What would a guy think if he found out I've been in ESE classes before?

By the time I was in 6th, I was already in normal classes. Then in 7th grade, I only had one ESE class (I was originally in music class and had that switched to an ESE class, which till this day I don't know why but I was pissed off).

From 8th grade and afterward: It was all normal, crowded classes.

Back to the time I was 5:
They literally had me placed in a room full of kids with mental disabilities, one with a severe case down symdrome or another with severe autism (a lot worse than my situation of simply not knowing English because it's not my first language and problems in expressing myself in long paragraphs; they thought I had mental problems just because I didn't know what raise your hand meant and ended up doing something else), which one of the teachers successfully took me out of that classroom and placed me under a more suitable one.

I was already drawing and writting at that age. All of the sudden, I came home and suddenly instead of writting normally, I was scribbling. Turns out, I've been imitating an autistic child that has writting disabilities and for that one day of staying in that class, it made me fall behind.
Spanish was and is my first language. I would like to see how they would like (none of those teachers that judged me so early and went that far as putting me in that terrible classroom even knows Spanish) if I talk in my language and expect them to understand... then me accusing them of having mental problems.
So basically that misunderstanding of not knowing the language created that issue of taking so long to get taken out of ESE classes.

The teacher that fought for me, already wanted me in normal classes after a year of me learning English (according to her and others, I was a fast learner) but it had to wait.


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  • I don't think he would care if he really liked you.


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