Is it unattractive if a girl has cats?

Me and this guy have been flirting for a bit. The other day he showed me a pic of his parents dog in a Christmas outfit and I mentioned how I have two cats and how one will wear an elf hat. He got a weird face and said, 'oh' in a real weird way and seemed off for the rest of the convo. I texted him a few hours after that and he hasn't replied but he's been on Snapchat?

Literally wtf? I get if he lost interest but over my PETS? It's not even like I'm some crazy cat chick. I got one cat for my 16th birthday and found the other as a kitten in a parking lot last year.


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  • Anyone that won't date someone because of their preference in pets is very shallow. Sounds like you need to think about if he is worth your time and effort. Anyway, I love cats, they are awesome. Meow Meow Meow.

  • I like cats. A dog would be more of a deal breaker for me.


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