Girls, A guys who's into anime is a turn on/off/meh?

One day you were bored and desided to pull out good old online dating app. So after bit time and bit swipping you found a nice looking guy, let's say 7.5/10. After reading his profile you went your own marry way, untill few hours later you got a message from this guy.

After some chit-chat you metup and found that you like the person (there interesting, intelligent and are pretty decent human being), one day you went to his house and found a dirty little secret. He is into Anime and has Anime figurines. At this point you are wondering "wtf!".

Given that the guy is decent looking, smart and treats you like a woman (not a sexual object) how would you react to his hobby?
  • Dump his sorry as on the spot!
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  • Would be bit skeptical, but whatever. I have my own odd hobbies.
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  • Jump in and watch anime with him
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  • I don't know, I would be confused as fk!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Are you kidding? Sounds like it's time for blanket forts and anime marathons.

    • So, the factor that the guy has figurines and watches anime does not degrade him in your view?

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    • The way I look at it is "personality is what matters". I work with a guy who's in his 40's and his hobby are playing Xbox, his wife does not mind his hobby. Hobby is really a hobby, as long as it's not creepy. I know a guy who collects knives and his girlfriend does not mind it.

      But thank you for great feedback.

    • Everyone has things that they like and are acceptable. My dad's almost 50 and plays xbox too, no one minds.

      You're very welcome :)

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What Girls Said 7

  • I literally wouldn't care.

  • Personality is what matters!
    Hobbies and interests come second.

    I would not be able to date someone that is obsessed with anime because I find it creepy and weird (I've tried watching them but I just find them silly, no offense meant, it's just not for me). But if it's someone's side thing and he didn't expect me to watch it, I'd be okay with it. It's just not something I have any interest in whatsoever.

    I always find it's best to be with someone that has compatible interests, so I can understand if a person doesn't want to be with someone who has a main interest of anime if they aren't into it, too. But it's not like I would think you are any less of a person or look down on you, because I wouldn't think that. I'd just think we'd be better off with someone who has similar interests!

    Really, your best bet would be to find someone that loves anime, too! There are soooo many girls that fangirl over anime. Honestly, I feel like its more common than not that a girl likes it. Then you can watch it together and make it into a combined hobby/interest :)

  • As long as that hobby didn't take over your life and it is a very small part of your overall interests. I don't mind if a guy games or likes that kind of stuff. At 1st I didn't mind that my ex was into game cards (similar to pokemon), then I discovered that he would always tell me he wanted to be w/me, but couldn't afford to marry me. This guy who was supposedly broke spent almost a hundred bucks on game cards. I found that to be absolutely ridiculous and that I was less of a priority then cardboard game cards.

    • Boy oh boy, that's just sad. But then again maybe he did not want to marry you and was making excuses. Neh, watching anime is.000000005% of my life.

    • That's good

    • But I spend hours on just riding my motorcycle :D so yeah. That probably consumes good portion of my life next to work.

  • I guess watch it with him. I mean, I already watch it and I generally do watch it with my boyfriend now, so if it was another guy, it wouldn't be a problem.

  • I suppose it all depends on the type of girl. Personally I'm not into anime at all... :/ but we all have our individual things we like :) I have a rather unhealthy obsession with cats 😂

    • Anime = another form of Entertainment really. But yep we all have our own little weird hobbies, just what makes everyone unique.

    • This is it :) ☺️

  • As long as he's not super into Hentai, those weird Anime girl pillows, or super old it's fine lol I like anime

  • Chose B but it's pretty much a turn off. I don't like weebs

    • Lol. I'm bit confused how does watching anime make you a weebo? I enjoy anime ones in a blue moon for example, but that's frankly is it.

    • oh okay that's fine lol you mentioned you mentioned you collected figurines and I don't know my mind started wandering off whoops

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