Do you think you have to be in a relationship with someone to fall in love with them?

I'm curious to know your opinions on this. I'm referring to how you feel in the dating stage, if you are only seeing each other is it possible to fall in love with the person or is it just unfactuation?


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  • I think it totally depends on the person involved.
    I fell in love only one time and it happened while we were already in the relationship. I just don't open as easily to people even if it's just a friendship. Dating isn't something that common where I live. You just decide to give it a go or not.
    My boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend, he just said we would see how it goes. We would see each other everyday and after three or four month, I knew I had fell really hard for him.

    Though, that's how it worked for me. I totally understand how it can work otherwise for someone else.


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  • I think you can fall in love with someone without being in a relationship with them and without having sex or ever being intimate with them.


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